GTM design workshop

Position your business offerings at the forefront of C-level
and senior stakeholders' decision-making

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Maximize Your Rainmakers' Impact

Our Go-to-Market Design Workshop helps you break free from the dependency on key figures, such as salespeople, CTOs, or CEOs, who are essential in deal-making. Our workshop empowers you to scale the effectiveness of your rainmakers, enhancing orchestration and coordination across teams for large B2B deals. Start with refined positioning and messaging strategies for greater impact.




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The Megadeals Discipline fits when:

when you face these criteria in your deal-making:

Cross-hierarchical deal anchoring
Cross-functional deal anchoring
With a relatively complex offering
Entering into a relatively complex environment
on the client's side


During four half-day workshops, we iterate your targeting, positioning,
and messaging until we're all sure it's right.

three key steps

We identify your target segment based on your messaging, focusing on where you are most competitive to optimize account selection using clear criteria and the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Successful positioning involves targeting an audience with frequent matching key initiatives, where your category and sub-category are dominant, ensuring your win rate in these areas.

The Messaging Architecture underpins your value proposition, steering content towards thought leadership and away from solely product-focused benefits, ensuring differentiation from competitors.

Go-To-Market Design Report

Following the workshop, you'll receive a concise Go-To-Market (GTM) Design Report, summarizing key insights and strategies for successful megadeals orchestration derived from our comprehensive workshop. This report includes:

  • An executive summary of essential success principles based on extensive research of Fortune 500 companies and scale-ups, insights from top megadealers, and our expertise in megadeals.
  • Analysis of your company's current state, targeting, positioning, messaging, and organizational setup.
  • Evaluation of how your current GTM approach aligns with strategic goals, especially in commercial scaling.
  • Detailed observations and recommendations for achieving growth and commercial scaling objectives.
  • Concluding remarks summarizing our findings and suggested next steps for your company.

Enhance Your Deal Orchestration with Megadeals Expertise

Schedule a meeting with us to delve into how our specialized strategies can refine your approach. Together, we can elevate your deal-making process to new levels of proficiency and success.

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