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Deal Orchestration Enablement for Sustainability Scale-Ups
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Partner with sustainability and enterprise SaaS startups and scale-ups in niche markets, specializing in multi-level, complex deals.

We empower key players / Rainmakers - pivotal in successful deal-making.
Our expertise helps clients dominate or create new
market categories, providing top strategies blended with advanced tools and technologies. sdghdghd

Finite market

You play the finite market game where the number of potential buyers is limited or fixed.

You cannot afford to burn bridges by using traditional high-volume lead generation approaches.

you are selling into

Matrix or cube-structured clients. Cross-functional and hierarchical decision anchoring.
Complex, in-depth sales learning curve.
Complex customer environments with diverse technologies and processes.

Rainmaker dependency

You have a rainmaker dependency.
This refers to a situation where a company relies heavily on a small number of key people, to close the bigger deals, known as "rainmakers," to drive the majority of revenue.


The Megadeals discipline was created through extensive research involving over 100 Fortune 500 companies and in-depth interviews with over 60 highly successful megadealers from around the globe. This research helped us to understand how top-performing megadealers effectively negotiate and close large, complex multi-million dollar deals. By following this discipline, you can improve your success rate and secure these kinds of deals more quickly and at a lower cost.

Discover more in our Megadeals video.


This hands-on book reveals the five cornerstones of a successful megadeal and explore the many complexities surrounding them. They also provide a unique cutting-edge approach to complex selling that blends account-based marketing and sales with enterprise social selling in a way that will transform your sales and marketing team.

299 KR, $32 USD


what our clients say

The GTM workshop series fundamentally changed our approach from startup to scale-up, giving us confidence in our destiny and an adaptable, effective GTM model.

Fredrik Malmfors
CEO at Lignin Industries

A great GTM workshop to fully understand how to create messaging when introducing a new category to a market. Any company with a new category should try this GTM workshop.

Jonas Eriksson
CCO at SenseNode

I can strongly recommend any business leader with growth ambition to reach out to the Megadeals team.

Thomas Kraft
Chief Executive Officer at Learnster

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A range of specialized services, including comprehensive Go-To-Market (GTM) workshops and our unique Deal Orchestration Enablement (DOE) packages.

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