Introducing the Megadeals Advisory Blog

May 9, 2022

Introducing The Megadeals Advisory Blog

After talking to hundreds of highly experienced salespeople, marketers, CEOs, and other key stakeholders within hundreds of different companies, we received an unambiguous signal that there’s a need for Megadealers on the market, someone with knowledge of how to orchestrate large and complex deals.

Megadeals Advisory Has introduced a discipline based on over 2.5 years of research after working with over one hundred Fortune 500 companies and over 400 scaleups and interviewing over 60 of the best Megadealers in the world.

You have to maintain a "never graduate" mindset because you'll always have to continue learning and adapting to the constantly evolving world.

We have then implemented this discipline in Stockholm, Gothenburg, the entirety of Sweden, Scandinavia, parts of the USA.

The Megadeals team works with companies like Tata, Saab, other global companies, and scaleups that want to become big, with less risk, and become big, FAST.

We’re introducing the Megadeals Discipline globally, taking our knowledge to work with skills development and identifying our client’s full potential and how to embrace it.

"Our primary focus is to work with companies that are leaving a robust, sustainable impact on the world."