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Myrspoven Achieves Global Reach with Megadeals' Targeted Marketing

Myrspoven, a Swedish cleantech startup, partnered with Megadeals to expand its reach and achieve its ambitious goal of reducing global carbon emissions from buildings. Traditional marketing wasn't enough, Myrspoven needed a solution that integrated seamlessly with sales.

Megadeals' unique approach, focused on close collaboration with salespeople and targeted campaigns, delivered the results Myrspoven craved. Brand awareness increased significantly, with potential customers recognising Myrspoven everywhere. This saved salespeople time and provided a structured approach to closing deals.

Myrspoven highlights Megadeals' eagerness to help and focus on client success, making the partnership a win-win.

Plexigrid's Brand Awareness Skyrockets with Megadeals' hyper-Targeted media

Plexigrid, a company revolutionising electricity grids for the energy transition, partnered with Megadeals to elevate its brand and accelerate the deal-closing cycle.

Plexigrid identified Megadeals' in-depth understanding of their market and customer challenges as a game-changer. "Megadeals prioritises building domain knowledge," says Alberto Mendez, CEO of Plexigrid. "This allows them to develop targeted messages that resonate with our audience."

The results are undeniable. Plexigrid's brand awareness has skyrocketed even in new international markets, according to Linda-Maria Wadman, CCO of Plexigrid. Potential customers now approach them after seeing their ads on various media platforms.

Plexigrid credits the success of their partnership to Megadeals' unique combination of marketing expertise and a deep understanding of their finite market and customer needs.

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