Deal Orchestration

Trust us to supercharge your sales and marketing efforts

Trust us to supercharge your sales and
marketing efforts


What Sets Us Apart?

Unlike any other vendor in the world, we seamlessly integrate extensive media coverage, social selling, and strategic sales execution to empower your team to navigate complex deals with multi-layered decision-making processes.

We call it Deal Orchestration
Enablement (DOE).
It consists of two phases:

Ecosystem and
Stakeholder Mapping

Based on a defined set of prospects and accounts that you aim to either land or expand (grow, upsell, cross-sell, etc.), Megadeals maps the ecosystem players and stakeholders. Our clients describe the following for us:

  • The accounts and prospects (often 60-150) you want to land and/or expand.
  • The stakeholders that impact the deal (inside and outside their clients' organisation).
  • Stakeholder groups (functions and hierarchy), for example, board, leadership team, managers, finance, legal, tech, etc.

The Megadeals team maps the stakeholders that influence the deal. This is the first step in deal orchestration: creating clarity on which stakeholders in the targeted prospects and accounts need influencing to win your top deals.

Megadeals requires that our clients regularly provide us with new stakeholders that need targeting throughout the deal orchestration. For example, prior to a first meeting with a new prospect, there is often a smaller set of stakeholders that need targeting. After a first meeting and as negotiations advance, typically the number of stakeholders requiring influence grows.

Hyper-Targeted Media

The Megadeals team creates ads and sponsored posts. Our clients provide photos of the dealmakers (the individuals orchestrating the deals) and the positioning/messaging that is relevant to get across. Megadeals provides multiple ad templates to choose from.

Based on this, Megadeals creates between 5-15 ads and sponsored posts every 90 days, depending on the size of the package that our client has chosen. The ads are updated every 90 days to mitigate ad fatigue and ensure the messaging remains on point and relevant over time.

Sometimes our clients choose to provide Megadeals with the ads, which we can also accommodate. This can be done either by providing all the different formats necessary to publish on the various social media platforms, or by providing the ads and having Megadeals create all the different formats.

These ads are then targeted towards the stakeholders that Megadeals has mapped in our clients' ecosystem.

Set Up and Target the Ecosystem Players and Stakeholders

Megadeals uses a mix of social media platforms and media platforms (martech) to "distribute" the media to target the relevant stakeholders in your target ecosystem. It is often required to influence a complex ecosystem made up of multiple players and stakeholders across various functions and hierarchies. Reaching them on one or two social media platforms or limited distribution tactics is incredibly hard.

For example, only targeting on LinkedIn is one social media platform and one distribution tactic. Many senior stakeholders are not active on LinkedIn, so if you rely solely on that, you will likely miss influencing multiple stakeholders in your ecosystem. However, if you use LinkedIn in the mix of other social media platforms and tactics, your chances of influencing are significantly higher.


We utilize a mix of social media platforms; hence, the stakeholders around your deals will see the hyper-targeted media on a combination of LinkedIn, media sites (like news sites), Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Our proprietary software layer, built on top of these platforms, enables us to target specific individuals in a way that is not possible through their standard user interfaces. This unique capability, achieved by accessing their APIs, sets our approach apart from what clients can achieve by simply purchasing platform access. This also enables us to include multiple platforms in one KPI report.

Targeting Tactics

We also use a mix of targeting tactics to distribute the media

The media/ads will be seen on LinkedIn.

We will target individual stakeholders by name. These individuals will see the media ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and media sites (online news, sports, and other sites with over 1 million visits).

We target all employees behind a certain IP range. The media ads will be seen on news sites.

We target a geographical area; anyone in that area (for example, a certain building, someone's home, or a conference) will see the media ads on news sites, Instagram, and Facebook.

Reporting and KPIs - DOD

Megadeals provides a DOD (Deal Orchestration Dashboard) bi-weekly.

The dashboard is reviewed together in the monthly check-ins to make tactical decisions in deal orchestration.

The dashboard displays the following KPIs:

Client Portfolio Metrics

The prospects, accounts, and number of stakeholders (in these accounts) being targeted.

Account Impact

Based on how many times all the stakeholders in each account have seen or engaged with the media content, we assign a high, medium, or low impact score. The aim is to move more accounts up the impact score ladder to build awareness, curiosity, and brand positioning over time.

Client Portfolio Metrics

As we can target individual stakeholders, we can also report at the stakeholder level. For example, we track how many times the media content has been shown to an individual stakeholder and if they have engaged with the content by clicking on it. We also provide the LinkedIn URL so the dealmaker can easily access the LinkedIn profile to "give love" (see the Megadeals Playbook on how to use LinkedIn to engage with stakeholders while minimizing BBR - Burning Bridges Rates) as opposed to cold calling and cold outreach.

HIP (High Impact Programs)

The Megadeals Deal Orchestration is managed through up to 4 High Impact Programs. These programs aim to achieve a balance between short and long-term growth.

Active dialogues with prospects with the aim to land a first deal.

Existing clients with the aim to expand - grow, upsell, cross-sell, etc.

Your target segment prospects where the aim is to build brand positioning over time to establish category dominance. Here, we also want to help get a first meeting where the stakeholder is more aware, "warm," and curious, as opposed to cold and unaware of you and your company.

Target investors to build capacity to raise capital.

OKRs (Objectives
and Key Results)

For each of the relevant HIPs, we set OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), also known as goals. Megadeals, the client's deal team, and leadership review the OKRs in monthly check-ins. The aim here is to stay focused on the key goals to move the deals forward and support the dealmakers in utilizing all the relevant tools in the deal orchestration playbook.

Megadeals Playbook

Guidance Based on Goals and DOD

In the monthly check-ins, the client's leadership, deal team, and Megadeals review both the DOD and the deal orchestration playbook. The KPIs in the dashboard are used to make tactical decisions in deal orchestration, and the playbook is utilized to ensure the relevant tools are being used in the deal orchestration process.

three Different Packages

Megadeals offers 3 different packages for our clients at three different price points and media spend, ranging from small to medium to large (1, 1.5, and 2 salaries).

Our all-inclusive approach includes the offerings described above – from the Megadeals team and platform to media spending, ad production, reporting, and coordination with key stakeholders in your organization.

We've optimized our processes to ensure that all of this is within the budget of one, one and a half, or two salaries. Depending on the client's affordability and scope, they have the flexibility to choose different packages.

The packages are priced in a way that makes it more affordable to utilize Megadeals DOE (Deal Orchestration Enablement) rather than buying all the different platforms and doing it yourself.

We have also priced it as an alternative to hiring another salesperson. If you are commercially scaling and have the 3 GTM complexities we have described, scaling your rainmakers is a recommended option instead of hiring more and more salespeople.

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