Become the Category Leader in a Finite Market
Become the Category Leader in
a Finite Market
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Are you a B2B sustainability start-up or scale-up?

Do you operate with an unestablished category struggling to scale in a finite market?

Scaling sustainability innovations or SaaS solutions in finite markets, especially when targeting medium-sized or large companies is challenging for several reasons:

Every interaction counts in markets with limited potential buyers.
Achieving high win rates and maintaining low "Burning Bridges Rates" (BBR) is crucial, especially since 80% of market volumes are often dominated by a finite set of customers. Success requires securing high win rates as substantial volumes lie within a select set of accounts. Missing out on these major players could leave you competing for minor stakes.

Selling is a complex process in businesses where decisions are made cross-functionally and cross-hierarchy.
It requires an in-depth understanding of the company's internal processes, KPIs, and organizational structure. Due to this complexity, there is often a heavy dependence on a few senior individuals (rainmakers) to generate the bulk of revenue. Rainmaker dependency leads to bottlenecks and limits growth.

Selling new versus established categories is significantly different.
For established products like CRMs, the focus is on distinguishing your offering from competitors lower in the hierarchy since the need for a CRM is already recognized by senior stakeholders. However, for unestablished categories, it's crucial to ensure that top-level management conceptually understands and agrees with the category's value and existence before diving into specific product attributes.



The Megadeals discipline is born from extensive research with over 100 Fortune 500 companies and insights from 60+ successful megadealers globally. We unlock the secrets of orchestrating complex deals.

Our proven approach, grounded in billion-dollar deals, empowers sustainability tech & SaaS startups and scale-ups (ideal size: 50-100 employees) targeting global clients across medium and large organisations. While we've partnered with giants like Microsoft, Hitachi Energy, and Tata, our sweet spot is empowering startups and scale-ups, where close collaboration with management leads to the greatest growth potential.

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Dive into the five cornerstones of successful megadeals, unravel the complexities, and discover a hybrid approach to complex selling that integrates account-based marketing and sales with enterprise social selling, transforming your sales and marketing efforts.

299 KR, $32 USD


Why Traditional Scaling Methods Fail:

Traditional scaling strategies, involving founders securing initial deals and then quickly expanding the sales team, generally fail. Methods used by sales teams, such as cold calls, and mass emailing, tend to “burn bridges” with potential clients in finite markets.

Moreover, they tend to overlook the intricate decision-making processes within organisations, which require a more nuanced and personalised approach. When potential clients feel disconnected or misunderstood due to impersonal outreach methods, they either say no very quickly, or it often takes longer to build trust and move them through the sales process. This results in prolonged sales cycles and limits growth.

New salespeople often overburden the top-performing dealmakers with requests for support and divert rainmakers from selling to mentoring, causing a "calendar problem" and shifting focus from sales. The result is longer sales cycles and slower growth.

The traditional scaling model fails because it:

High-volume sales tactics, such as cold calls and emails, damage relationships in a finite market of potential customers.

They fail to address the complex decision-making structures within organisations where buy-in is required from various departments and leadership.

Introducing junior salespeople to complex, finite markets can hinder success due to the inherent challenges of navigating unestablished categories. Selling in these contexts requires a different skill set compared to established categories, requiring higher-level involvement and a more nuanced approach to sales. Convincing top decision-makers of the validity of these categories becomes crucial, which means that it's the "rainmakers" who understand the landscape well enough to navigate it effectively.

The Successful Model
for Finite Markets:

A tailored and targeted approach is required to reach the right decision-makers and position yourself as a category leader in a finite market.

We call this the Successful Model.

The successful model is effective
because it:

Scale Rainmakers,
Not Duplicate Them

Once you have closed the initial deals with the founders and possibly one additional person helping to scale, the focus should shift to scaling these key individuals rather than attempting to duplicate them.

Media & Support Staff

To effectively scale your "rainmakers," leverage media to amplify their visibility. Providing them with an assistant, ideally a semi-senior management consultant, can offload some tasks and responsibilities, allowing them to focus on high-value activities.

Builds a Playbook for
the Future

Develop a playbook that documents the best practices and processes used by your rainmakers. This playbook becomes invaluable for training and supporting future sales teams, especially as your category evolves and becomes established.

What We Can Offer You

We combine Go-To-Market Design Workshops and Deal Orchestration Enablement (targeted positioning, high-impact programmes, and software-driven deal orchestration) to increase win rates, scale rainmakers, build brand awareness, and drive efficient growth.

DESIGN Workshop

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Our GTM design workshops are designed to refine your brand's positioning and secure a dominant place in the market. We ensure your business achieves top-of-mind status among key decision-makers, directly influencing long-term sales and valuation. By participating, you'll gain insights into effectively addressing complex hierarchical and functional decision-making processes, crucial when your offerings involve diverse customer KPIs, processes, and technologies.

Deal Orchestration
Enablement (DOE)

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This phase builds on the GTM foundation, enhancing your approach with High Impact (HI) Programs, account intelligence strategies, and land-and-expand tactics. Our targeted media strategies and advanced tools help you scale your "rainmakers," enabling them to multiply their impact. Our approach includes detailed account and stakeholder intelligence, ensuring precise message targeting and maximizing brand visibility across essential channels.

Megadeals almost exclusively work with sustainability scaleups
that have a dependency on one or a few rainmakers

Megadeals almost exclusively work with sustainability scaleups that have a dependency on one or a few rainmakers

what our clients say

The GTM workshop series fundamentally changed our approach from startup to scale-up, giving us confidence in our destiny and an adaptable, effective GTM model.

Fredrik Malmfors
CEO at Lignin Industries

A great GTM workshop to fully understand how to create messaging when introducing a new category to a market. Any company with a new category should try this GTM workshop.

Jonas Eriksson
CCO at SenseNode

I can strongly recommend any business leader with growth ambition to reach out to the Megadeals team.

Thomas Kraft
Chief Executive Officer at Learnster

Why Green Tech Needs the
“Successful” Scaling Approach

The urgency of the environmental crisis is undeniable. Green technology innovations offer critical solutions, yet many sustainability companies struggle to scale. We support, invest in, and scale green technology innovations by deploying the effective Megadeals discipline and framework because:

The problem is acute

Sustainability companies often need help to scale due to the limitations of Traditional Scaling Models.

The opportunity is immense

Consumer and corporate trends, coupled with increasing regulations and green capital investments, are fueling a massive market demand for sustainable solutions. Green tech needs to scale to meet this demand.

It aligns with our values

Supporting successful businesses in the green space isn't just about profit; it's about creating a positive impact. We believe in fostering a thriving environment for future generations.

Our role is to support green tech companies in navigating their go-to-market complexities, enabling them to achieve commercial scale and maximize their environmental impact.

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Learn how to become a category leader in a finite market

Learn how to become a category leader in
a finite market

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