GTM Design

Empower Your Team with Proven Strategies
for Complex B2B Sales

Empower Your Team with Proven Strategies
for Complex B2B Sales

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Why Choose the Megadeals Workshop?

Live Experiences

Dive into real-life case studies from our journey in orchestrating large B2B deals. Learn from our successes and failures and gain actionable insights to apply to your specific case.

Proven Theory and Principles

Benefit from the wisdom of over 60 mega dealers as detailed in our research and the Megadeals book. Understand the underlying principles that drive successful mega-deals.

Pragmatic Exercises

Apply what you learn directly to a live deal case you're currently working on. These hands-on exercises ensure that the theory translates into real-world success for your team.

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The Megadeals GTM Workshop combines real-world examples, practical exercises, and a detailed exploration of the 5 Megadeals Cornerstones to provide you with the skills necessary to manage complex deals.

Specifically designed for environments involving cross-hierarchical and cross-functional decision-making within finite markets, this workshop is designed to position your company at the forefront of decision-makers minds. Achieving this top-of-mind status directly impacts your long-term sales and valuation, particularly in complex B2B deals.

Who Should Attend?

Our workshops are ideal for deal teams in sales and marketing, as well as management in key customer-facing roles, looking to scale their sales through coordinated teamwork around large, complex deals in finite markets.

4 Half-Day Digital/Physical Workshops

We provide you with an in-depth company briefing and preparation materials to lay the foundation for your workshop.

Take part in four half-day workshops, available digitally, physically, or as a hybrid, designed to cover everything from the five cornerstones of the Megadeals discipline to finalizing your Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy.

From aligning with key initiatives to designing your content mix, our workshops cover every aspect necessary for scaling large deals effectively.

Outcomes of the Workshop:

Positioning &

We tailor your message to resonate with different levels within a large organization, focusing on strategic alignment for top management and operational efficiency for front-line teams. This ensures your solution addresses their core concerns and drives buy-in across the board.

Proven Theory
and Principles

This programme emphasizes on-the-job application, capitalizing on the power of practical learning to solidify knowledge and transform behaviours. Remember, 95% of daily activities are driven by subconscious habits, so applying new skills in real-world scenarios is key to long-term mastery.

Content Mix

We can help you craft an optimal blend of content, including engaging videos, effective RFP templates, and impactful slide decks, to attract and win customers efficiently. This ensures you have the right tools to capture attention, showcase value, and streamline the sales process.

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Go-To-Market Design Report

To ensure your team is fully prepared, we offer a comprehensive Go-to-Market Report and accompanying slide deck. This cohesive resource outlines your strategically aligned messaging, optimized content mix, and orchestrated approach to maximize the impact of your large deals and achieve peak performance.

secure your spot and take the first step towards unlocking your B2B deal-making potential!

By investing in the GTM design workshop, you equip your team with the expertise and resources to confidently navigate complex B2B deals, especially those involving large companies with complex decision-making structures.

As a result, you will significantly increase the win rate within finite markets and reduce reliance on specific key individuals, known as rainmakers.

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