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When switching from a small or midsize business sell into an Enterprise and Megadeals sell, the game changes from selling to orchestration.
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Systemise marketing and Sales

If you sell into matrix or cube organisations, they buy cross functionally. Therefore you need to sell as a team as opposed to closing deals with individual sales people. 

In large enterprises there are often only a handful of sales professionals that has to be involved to sign Megadeals. The analogue way of working, using only physical touch points, physical meetings, emails and calls makes it almost impossible to work on multiple deals simultaneously. The analog way of working in combination with being too dependent on a few rainmakers makes it nearly impossible to boost your sales and growing your revenue.

When wanting to systematise marketing and sales around enterprise deals and Megadeals, companies typically choose between buying from scattered vendors such as a sales coach, a social selling coach, a PR firm, and a marketing agency or they go to a vendor that has built a discipline covering messaging, marketing, sales, social selling, martech, PR, media and more around larger B2B deals.

The challenge when buying from a variety of vendors is the complexity of synchronising it all into a team play.

Sales is becoming more media

The modern sales professional of today is becoming more media. They working closely with marketing, using a combination of different messaging, content, and martech tactics.

The modern sales professionals of today are using digital and physical touch points in order to scale their messaging and simultaneously being able to work with several parallel deals.
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budget balance

Companies tend to invest a lot in headcount sales people. Most companies are spending the majority of their resources on sales and less into marketing. This is hindering the growth of the company.

More successful companies of today are reallocating their resources, and investing around 50% into marketing and 50% into sales. Resulting in building powerful marketing activities around the sales team, which better scales the business.

The trend is becoming more extreme, Megadeals predict that in the future 70% will be invested in marketing and 30% in sales.

Funnel Balance

As a result of measuring the wrong KPI's, most of the marketing budget gets spent on generating leads. This is a bad approach since the majority of the revenue often comes from the largest B2B deals. The distribution model for should instead be focusing on the full funnel.

Content & Distribution

Companies that produce content usually fails in reaching their targeted audience. The production and distribution budget should be balanced 50-50.
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"Thank you Megadeals TEAM for a fantastic workshop, many insights and great inspiration."

Peter Malmberg
Managing Director, Endian Technologies

"This Megadeals Program has really been to pinpoint the differences between the large complex b2b sales and the megadeals."

Martin von Arnold
Global Key Account Manager, American Express

"the Megadeals framework allowed us to show that everyone can scale our sales operation in a better way."

Christoffer Pettersson
Head of Growth, Minna Technologies

"Well invested time and money.
it is obvious a #Megadeals ‘hammer’ drives a nail better and faster than a screwdriver."

Rikard kanmert
CEO, Absortech Group

"Great inspiration! Fantastic team! A very well conducted workshop. Thank you #Megadeals."

Daniel Clarhed
Sales Director, Metenova

"Working together with the Megadeals team is like entering the future. We have established a long term partnership."

dana Markovic
COO, Barium

"if you ever thought you were perfect in the art of handling big business, you have to think again after these days."

Alfred Ström
Marketing Director, GetIT Nordic AB

"Thanks to Christopher Engman,
Bora brännström and david klättborg
for helping us on our journey!"

Erik Bergseth
CEO, Matilda Foodtech

"Its an eye opener to see the different layers of marketing, this will lead to a better focus"

Jesper Wiren
CEO, Enjay Systems

"megadeals has given us a strucuted way to work with our messaging. Great work!"

Jörgen Olofsson
Chief Innovation Officer, COS Systems

"Succeeding with a megadeal is so complex. it has been good to be able to understand all the parts and people you need to influence."

Jonathan Ljungvist
Operative Manager, David JP Philips

"Thank you megadeals for an amazing journey!
We have learned so much from you guys."

Mattias säker
COO, Educations Media Group (EMG) 

"The workshop entailed interesting topics, the facilitators where very keen to help. our marketing department will benefit from this."

David Friling
Head of Sales (Sweden), Quinyx

"I believe the MEgadeals discipline combined with  abm and social selling will be the key to success for sales people today."

Leif Sundström
Co-Founder & CEO, re:nable

"I really enjoyed The agenda, the guests and the real life examples in the workshop."

Rami melki
Key Account Manager, TietoEvery 

MegaDeals is vital for our growth by providing an innovative but proven framework,
then supporting the execution.

Mareo McCracken
CCO, MoveMedical 
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