In the Megadeals workshop you will learn to orchestrate complex B2B deals and to integrate the Megadeals discipline into your specific deal or industry.
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Three key elements
1. Storytelling:
We share real life stories, since story telling inspires and help you remember.

2. Megadeals Discipline:
We share and teach the success formula on how to orchestrate complex B2B deals and megadeals.

3. Pragmatic Practise:
Adoption is driven by “doing” and “applying”. You apply what we teach on a real customer case.

Become world-class at winning megadeals

We have developed a discipline based on how world class megadealers orchestrate large complex multi-million dollar deals. Facilitators with plus 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and doing Megadeals will teach you how to win big revenue deals faster and with less investments by applying the discipline. The facilitators uses story telling, pragmatic practices and exercises where you as delegate apply what you learn on your real life customer case.

Company specific workshop
Time: Each module is 3-4 hours.
Language: English
Location: Online via Zoom
Certification: All participants receive a Megadeals Online Certification for LinkedIn.
Record: If you prefer, the session is recorded. This is recommended for repetition, driving adoption, sharing with colleagues, onboarding purposes and more.
Viewing shared content
Delegates pick a deal, industry or vertical ahead of the workshop
You apply what we teach on your chosen account in the workshop
Read the chosen account(s)' annual report(s) and/or other similar material
Module 1
Intro & the 5 Cornerstones
Key initiatives
Understand and map the ecosystem
Driving consensus at scale
Find and develop trojan horses
Mitigate customer risk
Module 2
Messaging Architecture
Fundamental messaging

"The fundamental messaging builds trust
and takes your targeted group from unaware to wanting to buy".
module 3
Messaging Architecture
Deal-closing messaging

"The deal-closing messaging takes your targeted customer from
a verbal Yes to actually signing the contract."

Orientational messaging

"The Orientational Messaging attract senior stakeholders and leadership,
brings in the larger audience and amplifies the internal dialogues."
Module 4
Driving consensus using content and distribution tactics.
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Workshop outcomes pt. 1

Inspirational insights into the Megadeals discipline and how to orchestrate large complex B2B deals.

Develop deal orchestration competencies.

Disqualify early and hard to focus time money and resources on deals that have a greater chance to close.

Develop and communicate messaging that drives thought leadership vs communicating benefits and features.

Insights on how to turn the messaging into content (posts, teaser and pitch videos, articles and more.)

Learn how to be perceived as a thought leader with customers, in the industry and in the chosen vertical.

Practice using sales navigator to map up stakeholders in your customer ecosystem. How to nudge your stakeholders to connect with you without being perceived as pushy.

Workshop outcomes pt. 2

Using LinkedIn to drive thought leadership targeting you customer stakeholders.

Learn about distribution tactics, to distribute your messaging to your customer stakeholders ie IP targeting, re-targeting, personal targeting, enterprise social selling, webinars, podcasts and more. The key here, is how to scale your sales and marketing beyond your customer meetings and calls.

How to use messaging, content and distribution to drive consensus in a complex customer ecosystem.

Identify and nurture trojan horses that feed you with key insights in the buyers organisation.

Use risk mitigation to close deals.

Understand the importance of Sales & Marketing working together as #Oneteam, to win deals.

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Detailed description

The Megadeals workshop is a transformative approach for sales and marketing that will change how you orchestrate large complex B2B deals. In the Megadeals workshops we use stories, teach the megadeals principles and perform pragmatic tasks where the participants apply the principles on real life customer cases (throughout the workshop). Application drives adoption. 

Download our PDF that describes the workshop in more detail.

"Thank you Megadeals TEAM for a fantastic workshop, many insights and great inspiration."

Peter Malmberg
Managing Director, Endian Technologies

"This Megadeals Program has really been to pinpoint the differences between the large complex b2b sales and the megadeals."

Martin von Arnold
Global Key Account Manager, American Express

"the Megadeals framework allowed us to show that everyone can scale our sales operation in a better way."

Christoffer Pettersson
Head of Growth, Minna Technologies

"Well invested time and money.
it is obvious a #Megadeals ‘hammer’ drives a nail better and faster than a screwdriver."

Rikard kanmert
CEO, Absortech Group

"Great inspiration! Fantastic team! A very well conducted workshop. Thank you #Megadeals."

Daniel Clarhed
Sales Director, Metenova

"Working together with the Megadeals team is like entering the future. We have established a long term partnership."

dana Markovic
COO, Barium

"if you ever thought you were perfect in the art of handling big business, you have to think again after these days."

Alfred Ström
Marketing Director, GetIT Nordic AB

"Thanks to Christopher Engman,
Bora brännström and david klättborg
for helping us on our journey!"

Erik Bergseth
CEO, Matilda Foodtech

"Its an eye opener to see the different layers of marketing, this will lead to a better focus"

Jesper Wiren
CEO, Enjay Systems

"megadeals has given us a strucuted way to work with our messaging. Great work!"

Jörgen Olofsson
Chief Innovation Officer, COS Systems

"Succeeding with a megadeal is so complex. it has been good to be able to understand all the parts and people you need to influence."

Jonathan Ljungvist
Operative Manager, David JP Philips

"Thank you megadeals for an amazing journey!
We have learned so much from you guys."

Mattias säker
COO, Educations Media Group (EMG) 

"The workshop entailed interesting topics, the facilitators where very keen to help. our marketing department will benefit from this."

David Friling
Head of Sales (Sweden), Quinyx

"I believe the MEgadeals discipline combined with  abm and social selling will be the key to success for sales people today."

Leif Sundström
Co-Founder & CEO, re:nable

"I really enjoyed The agenda, the guests and the real life examples in the workshop."

Rami melki
Key Account Manager, TietoEvery 

MegaDeals is vital for our growth by providing an innovative but proven framework,
then supporting the execution.

Mareo McCracken
CCO, MoveMedical