Listing; how to get out the most of your #Rainmaker

🦸🏻 Listing; how to get out the most of your #Rainmaker 🦸

A rainmaker in sports or business is not only the best in its field but THE player that you can build an entire team and business around.The outcome of winning or losing is dependent on her.

In Sweden, we are proud to take care of our dirt and do everything ourselves, even if we can afford to hire someone to do it for us.In Sweden, we seldom speak about the importance of a specific player. Here we treat everyone “equally” and rarely focus on one individual before the collective.

When I started to question this Brule (bull 💩rule), I found nothing contradictory in achieving both. You can build a fantastic team play and still make sure that your rainmaker thrives as long as you create it with individuals having the correct values, a growth mindset and a strong will to win.


💰 invest money, time and additional resources around her to offload her time.

🤖 Delegate and automate anything and everything that frees up her time.

💃🏻 Create an environment where it’s ok to highlight her as a role model and celebrate her behaviours and accomplishments.

❌ Take away tasks from her instead of adding new ones.

📆 Protect her agenda from distractions.

⏱️ Help her to say NO to the trivial many and free up time so she may say YES to the vital few things that move the needle.

⚡️ Make sure her job is enjoyable, valuable and brings energy.

📍 Let her play in her zone (i.e. where she is dominating) as much as possible to keep her motivated.

🥰 Make sure she has loving and supportive teammates who bring out the best in her.

🏋️🥗 Make sure she has the best advisors, trainers, proper nutrition and physical therapist that money can buy.

📚 Invest in external training for your rainmaker to become even better.

🙋🏽🙋🏻Train the up-and-coming rainmakers (re and upskill, let them shadow and learn from the best).

👯👯 Scale your rainmakers by creating and distributing your messaging and content using marketing technologies “martech” towards your target audience.

➡️ As a company owner, you have to make sure your rainmakers are being taken care of, or you will risk them finding another team who does.

➡️ If YOU are the rainmaker, you should ask yourself if you are taking care of yourself similarly.

➡️ Take care of yourself and invest in YOU.

➡️ The game is on the line daily, so you must be in a peak performance state. If not, you won’t be able to take care of your family, your friends, your team members and yourself.

🏆 Everyone trusts you to win more, spend less, sign more, grow and scale more.

🦸🏽🦸 Taking care of and scaling your rainmaker isn’t contradictory to working as #oneteam. The up-and-coming rainmakers look up 👩👧 to HER, learn from her and want to be as unique as she is.

Don’t let yourself or your team down. #letitrain #scale #rainmakers

➡️ #win #more #withless #scale your #rainmakers