Reducing waste, one container at a time

Today, 10% of everything shipped at sea is damaged by moisture (including food, electronics, and materials). Absortech Group is a Swedish tech company that focuses primarily on providing shipping containers with solutions to eliminate moisture.


The most common alternative solutions are to ship by air instead of by sea, to use VCI technology (volatile corrosion inhibitor) to wrap cargo in plastics, or to use outdated solutions to absorb moisture. However, these are not sustainable solutions, as they are expensive and have higher emissions.


Absortech solves these problems and costs as little as €50-100 per container - far less than the cost of losing 10% of a batch. In the maritime industry, no other company offers a similar type of solution.

In Absortech’s solution, calcium chloride plays the central role. This natural chemical process is 10-12 times more efficient than traditional methods, such as clay or silica gel. Thanks to the efficiency of the chemical process, the solution reduces the plastic waste and lowers the container weight more than alternative solutions.

One of Absortech’s most significant achievements is a deal with a leading consumer electric company, where their process has helped this company to avoid more than 5 tons of plastic waste without increasing costs. This reduction in the amount of plastic used resulted in a decrease of 15-20 tons of CO2 emissions.

If Absortech were to implement its solution globally on every freight-carrying ship, it would reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 15,543 tons (>90%) per 500,000 containers, compared to silica gel. That’s equivalent to a year’s usage of electricity by over 2,800 homes.


Founded in: 1996
Founded by: Thomas Johansson
CEO: Rikard Kanmert
Headquarters: Falkenberg, Sweden
Employees 2020/2021: 60
Privately Owned Revenue 2020: $12 MUSD

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