Making Solar more affordable

Cleantech company Alight, formerly known as Eneo, builds, operates and owns solar projects, and specialises in obtaining Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for solar power in the Nordics.

Today, the price per kilowatt hour of solar is too high; Alight aims to change that. At the same time, they want to help end climate change by increasing the amount of energy produced by solar power. By bringing down the price of renewable energy, they will make it easier for corporations to make a better choice for the environment.

If Alight could install their solar power plants wherever possible, they could reduce global CO2 emissions by 2.6 tons per installed unit. That’s equivalent to almost 10,000 liters of gasoline annually.

Alight has a goal of reaching 1 gigawatt of PPAs by 2025, which is equivalent to over 150,000 regular cars driven for a whole year.


Other forms of renewable energy include wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and geothermal energy. In Sweden, hydropower accounts for 45% of the country’s electricity. Having such a plentiful source of base load electricity has made it difficult for solar and other renewables to compete.


When it comes to solar power PPAs, no other companies offer long-term agreements that lock in future power prices for Nordic companies. This is great, except that customers typically want to compare offers from other vendors. With over 45 active PPA projects undermanagement or construction, Alight has a wide range of customers, including Toyota, Alecta, Swedbank, Nordic Choice Hotels, and many more.


Founded in: 2013
Founded by: Harald Överholm (CEO), Richard Nicolin (CFO) and Wilhelm Löwenhielm (Chairman of the Board)
Stockholm, Sweden
Employees 2019/2021:
Exchange-listed Revenue 2019:
38.7 MSEK

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