Swedish tech company Altered reduces water consumption by developing and producing special water saving nozzles for both showers and faucets.

If Altered were to install their nozzles in every household faucet and shower on the planet, they would reduce global CO2 emissions by nearly 1% annually, which is the equivalent of CO2 emissions from over 48 million homes.

According to WWF, water shortage will affect 75% of the global population by 2025. And by 2030, the UN think-tank on water, UN-INWEH, has concluded that we will face a 40% water gap between demand and availability. We need to stop wasting large amounts of water now. This is where Altered comes in.


The most conventional solution to the problem today is to encourage people to change their behaviour and reduce water usage. Another way is to restrict the flow by installing restrictors or reducing the pipe system’s pressure, resulting in less water coming from the taps. These solutions typically result in a negative user experience. People report having a hard time washing long hair, for example.


Altered stands out from the crowd, be-cause instead of restricting the flow, their technology modifies the water and decreases its particle size, making it fas-ter with a higher force. This water distribution technique separates the water into smaller clusters, providing the same coverage while saving 85-98% on water.

Altered focuses on creating affordable products that anyone can use while still prioritising design and sustainability.They also stick to the same standard sas conventional nozzles, in terms of functionality and dimensions.

Altered entered a partnership with IKEA to release water taps with pre-installed Altered nozzles, which will be released later this year.

Altered’s target customers are hotels, schools, offices, real estate, municipalities, and more. The primary obstacle they face in scaling their business is reaching the mass market. Altered is therefore setting up Strategic Partnerships with more leading brands in order to integrate their technology in their offering.


Founded in: 2016
Founded by: Kaj Mickos, Johan Nihlén (CEO) and Mikael Abbhagen  
Headquarters: Stockholm,Sweden
Employees 2020/2021: 7/8
Exchange-listed Revenue 2019: 5 MSEK

Visit them at: https://altered-company.com/sv

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