Stunningly purified water

Axolot Solutions is a Swedish tech company that purifies and recycles water using electricity to separate out the contaminants.

Contaminated water has become a serious global issue. Axolot Solutions addresses this issue by reducing pollutants in the water using their selfmade technology: AxoPur.


Conventional solutions that solve the same issues include mechanical processes such as flotation, which cleans suspended solids, biological processes like aerated lagoons, which can clean organic substances, and physicochemical processes such as coagulation or oxidation, which can clean inorganic substances.


What differentiates Axolot Solutions from its competitors is that AxoPur can remove a great deal of these three categories of substances (suspended solids, organic substances, and inorganic substances), as well as break emulsions of oil/fat. From a typical wastewater sample, oil is completely removed along with metal ions, suspended solids, phosphorus, and larger organic molecules. Pollutants such as microplastics, many kinds of drug residues and long-chain PFAS are also efficiently removed.

At the core of Axolot Solutions’ products is an electrocoagulation process and a system that includes:

• A rectifier to produce DC current
• A reactor rig
• Flotation (a chemical process used to separate   particles in water)
• A control system

The process is cost-effective, fast, efficient, and preferably powered by green electricity. Contaminated water passes through an electric field, causing the contaminants to coagulate. The initially formed hydroxo complexes then go through a flocculation process before being lifted to the surface by small amounts of hydrogen, which are also produced in the process. At the top, the contaminants are separated from the purified water by means of flotation.

Axolot has one commercial installation reference and ongoing processes with many renowned companies.


Founded in: 2014
Founded by:
Lennart Holm and Mikael Åbacka
CEO: Martin Ragnar
Headquarters: Helsingborg, Sweden
Employees 2019/2021: 10/15
Listed on a stock exchange revenue 2019: 4.8 MSEK

Visit Axolot Solutions at:

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