A thermal battery with a metallic heart

Azelio is a Swedish cleantech company that provides long-duration thermal energy storage that dispatches renewable energy 24/7 to the solar and wind industries based on a world-leading stirling engine.

If Azelio implements their solutions globally, it will reduce global CO2 emissions by 1.3%. This is equivalent to theCO2 emissions from one year of electricity consumption by almost 60.9 million homes.


As more and more intermittent power comes online, energy storage is be-coming a critical issue. Reliability is already a problem, but just wait until most of the vehicles on the road are electric. There are several types of utility-scale batteries on the market that aim to solve this problem: Electrochemical batteries like lithium ion, pumped hydroelectric storage, compressed air energy storage, and thermal storage are the primary options.


With thermal storage solutions, energy is captured, converted and stored asheat in water (for, molten salts, or other working fluids for later use. Azelio’s solution, the TES.POD is a long-duration energy storage system based on recycled aluminium. It can produce clean energy either as electricity, or electricity and heat 24/7.

Whether their clients are working in the mining industry, with agriculture, tourism resorts, communities, telecommunications, or water treatment plants, the TES.POD can fit their needs.

Azelio started their first commercial project in Sweden, a joint project for the industry hotel owned by "Industrisupport i Åmål AB" where Svea Solar installed the solar PV (photovoltaic) and Azelio will install their TES.POD.

Azelio recently received their first commercial order from Dubai and one of the world’s most prominent solar parks.


Founded in: 2008
Founded by: Four Entrepreneurs under the name Cleanergy
CEO: Jonas Eklind
Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
Employees 2019/2021: 101/170
Listed on a Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Nordic) Revenue: 133.2 MSEK

Visit the website of Azelio at: https://www.azelio.com/

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