The power of PYROLYSIS

Scandinavian Enviro Systems is a Swedish tech company focused on recovering raw materials from end-of-life tires, which helps reduce rubber waste, lowers CO2 emissions, and is better for the environment.

If Enviro Systems were to implement their solution globally, as the sole supplier of this sort of system, using waste materials as feedstock, they would reduce global CO2 emissions from the rubber industry by 80%. That’s equivalent to the annual electricity use of more than 1 million homes.


Today, tires are either thrown away, rethreaded, sent to landfills, or granulated. Companies that address tire waste use incineration (burning), devulcanisation (heating), or cryogenic (freezing) techniques. All of these techniques require the operators to remove the steel threads manually, leaving smaller rubber pieces as a result.


Enviro Systems uses pyrolysis, which se-parates the tires and steel particles, ensuring that they become raw materials. The patented system converts tires into 50% oil, 10% steel, 10% gas, and 30% carbon, where the gas is part of the process, and the carbon can be turned into carbon black.

The pyrolysis process occurs within reactors where Enviro Systems can control the different temperatures to extract the various materials from the tires.

Enviro is partnering with Michelin to build a tire recycling facility in Chile, and scaling up their reactor in Sweden by 30%. This will recycle over 30,000 tons of tires annually, for a total annual revenue of between 184 to 286 MSEK.

Current partners include Volvo, Trelleborg, and Siemens, amongst others. The only obstacle ahead is the familiar challenge of introducing new technologies to an immature market.


Founded in: 2001
Founded by: Bengt-Sture Ershag
CEO: Thomas Sörensson
Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
Employees 2019/2021: 7/15
Listed on a Stock Exchange Revenue 2019: 1.1 MSEK

Visit the website of Enviro at:

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