One man's trash is another's treasure

Foxway’s core offering is hardware-as-a-service to enterprises, the public sector and educators. Thanks to their circular model, Foxway helps its customers become more sustainable by addressing the entire device lifecycle:from financing to refurbishment, re-deployment and end-of-life solutions.

During 2020, Foxway saved 350,000 tons of CO2 by refurbishing more than 1 million devices. This is equivalent to the emissions from almost 65,000 homes’ annual electricity use.


Most organisations dispose of electronic devices that are still functioning proper-ly and replace them with new hardware.Recently, Device as a Service (DaaS) mo-dels like Foxway’s are trending because they enable organisations to realise efficiencies by outsourcing their devices instead of owning them.


What makes Foxway stand out in the DaaS market is that they own the largest tech centre in northern Europe, enabling them to give devices a second, third or even a fourth life. Along the way, Foxway is able to sell them at a cheaper price to vulnerable groups, thereby reducing digital inequality and their customers’ carbon footprints. When a device can be used no more, it is scrapped for parts or recycled.

Foxway has offices in Asia, Europe and North America, and partners like Micro-soft, Apple, Google, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, and HP.


Founded in: 2009
Founded by: Gunnar F Cederlund, Stefan Nilsson
CEO: Martin Backman
Headquarters: Växjö, Sweden
Employees 2021: 600+
Privately Owned and Investors Revenue 2020:  3 BN SEK

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The key principle is that only when the great sustainability innovations scale and commercialise they can create a deep impact and the world a better place.

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