Tuning down our energy use

Ngenic is an industry leading energy technology company that specialises in the digitalisation and streamlining of energy systems. Their products enable a better user experience and increase the cost-effectiveness of electricity and district heating networks.

Ngenic’s goal is to help customers, real estate property owners, and grid providers to contribute to a more sustainable society by developing services that en-courage the use of renewable energy.


One way to regulate the grid is to increase supply to meet demand. This is why there is so much pressure to develop grid-scale battery storage. Another approach is to adjust demand using intelligent systems that help consumers, property owners and networks increase comfort while actually reducing energy use.


Within the subcategory of streamlining energy systems, there are many actors, depending on what type of power source is being used. Some can streamline using specific integrations, others with whole systems. What makes Ngenic unique is that they enable their customers to tune homes and apartment buildings as well as whole energy grids, by adjusting both electricity and district heating systems.

Their Grid Tuner is a complete solution including installation, management, data, reports, and customisable solutions for each customer.

Their consumer product is the NgenicTune thermostat, not unlike Google’s Nest. After a 20-minute installation, it starts saving homeowners both energy and money by regulating their indoor environment.

Partners include energy grid providers such as Göteborg Energi (GothenburgEnergy, Jämtkraft, Webhallen, andmany more.

Ngenic recently started a project withUppsala University, SWECO, Sala-HebyEnergi, and Stuns Energi.


Founded in: 2010
Founded by: Olle Lindbom AND Fredrik Fernlund
Employees 2021: 32
Privately Owned (Applied for Stock Exchange Listing at Nasdaq First North
REVENUE 2019: 133.2 MSEK

Visit the website of Ngenic at: https://ngenic.se/

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The key principle is that only when the great sustainability innovations scale and commercialise they can create a deep impact and the world a better place.

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