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Polestar is an electric performance car company that produces powerful and beautiful automobiles. When the company launched its first production vehicle in August 2020, the Polestar 2 outsold Tesla in Norway and Sweden.

The Polestar LCA (life-cycle assessment)shows that the Polestar 2, if it draws its electricity from renewable sources, has40% lower CO2 emissions over its lifetime than the Volvo XC40, with its 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. That’s equivalent to the annual electrical emissions from seven homes.


In the category of performance auto-mobiles, those with standard combustion-powered engines are still the most common choice. Fuel-efficient engines are becoming more popular, although generally not considered a concern by the typical buyer of a high-end vehicle. The same goes for diesel and bio-fuel-powered cars. However, in 2020, electric and hybrid performance vehicles gained more market share than ever be-fore, and now represent 4% of automobile sales. That’s where Polestar fits in.


Within the subcategory of electric vehicles, there are many companies specialising in developing and manufacturingEVs. What makes Polestar distinctive are the innovations and integrations.

Polestar is putting the P in progressive and performance with its game-changing car, the Polestar Precept, set for production in 2023. The new integrations include the previously unseen in car experience from Google Assistant, along with Polestar’s Human-Machine Interface that tracks the driver’s eye movements.

The production of aluminum and li-ionbattery modules makes up for almost 2⁄3of Polestar 2’s production-related emissions, while steel and iron make up for1⁄6. By 2030, Polestar aims to create an entirely climate-neutral car.


Founded in: 2003
Fouded by: Volvo
Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
Employees: 165(2019)
Owned by: Volvo Cars / Zhejiang Geely Holding Group
REVENUE 2019: 1.255 BSEK

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