More bikes for better, safer cities

Norwegian technology company SafeBikely offers an innovative, secure bicycle parking solution to increase the share of bicycles on the road. If they are successful, this will create a better, safer experience for cyclists as well as reduce the number of fossil-fuel powered vehicles on the road, thereby lowering CO2 emissions.


Cities and companies hoping to en-courage cycling have several different solutions available to them, ranging from conventional bicycle racks and ex-pensive bicycle lockers to bicycle hotels.


SafeBikely offers battery-driven storage lockers that can be placed anywhere without requiring nearby infrastructure ,and can scale up along with city growth. The lockers use the internet of things (IoT) NarrowBand technology and can withstand temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius.

The lockers can store ten bicycles/electric bicycles using the same footprint as a parking space. With their smartphone application, users can find a nearby locker, reserve a spot, unlock the door and place their bike inside. It’s even possible to open from afar if a family mem-ber or a friend wants to use the bike.

SafeBikely has two direct competitors in this subcategory, but neither has a similarly effective wireless technology, nord ot hey have the same kind of user interface.

SafeBikely’s lockers are made of recyclable materials, and do not require an electrical connection. So far, they are be-ing used in 14 municipalities in Norway, including Lier, Kristiansand, Bærum, and Porsgrunn.

Getting the space required for installing the lockers could be an obstacle, along with getting people to start using the lockers, due to the fact that it’s a new technology.


Founded in: 2017
Founded by: Hallvar Bergh (CEO)
Headquarters: Trondheim, Norway
Employees: 2020/2021: 4/5
Privately Owned Revenue: 7.5 MNOK

Visit the website of SafeBikely at:

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