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SansOx is a Finnish cleantech company that develops solutions and modular technologies for treating contaminated water. If SansOx were to implement their solutions globally, they could reduce total CO2 emissions by up to 0.5%.


Water treatment solutions include a multi-step process involving aeration, chemical coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. Depending on the contaminants in the water, the purpose of the end use (whether for agricultural purposes or municipal drinking water), a different combination of these processes is used. SansOx offers products that can be integrated or used modularly for aeration, separation and treatment.


There are a number of companies that provide aeration/oxidation, separation and flotation treatment.

SansOx’s technology can be installed into any water cleaning system, such as wastewater processing, fish farming, drip irrigation, and more.

According to SansOx, the system performs best when removing medical residuals or radon gases from the pipelines, while also being the fastest system on the market to dissolve any gases.

The biggest benefit of using SansOxis that owners can reduce the energy consumption of aeration processes by 50%. The OxTube can aerate liquid without external power sources, and be installed horizontally or vertically. The system has higher versatility and can be used wherever water needs more oxygen to become healthier. SansOx can also collect biogases from the aeration process and use them as an energy source in facilities capable of doing so.

Other products in the SansOx system include the SaoxFuge for efficient separation, also with minimal energy consumption, and the Vortex Flotation Separation system, which removes impurities from liquids using flotation and centrifugal techniques.

Clients are located in Finland, Spain,India, Philippines, and Korea, to name a few. SansOx recently signed an agency agreement to work together with Nipman in Scandinavia and Central Europe.


Founded in: 2012
Founded by: Mikael Seppälä (CEO)
Headquarters: Lahti, Finland
Employees 2021: 4
Exchange-listed Revenue 2020: 100 000 EURO

Visit the website of SansOx at:

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