Preventing pollution by processing waste and purifying water

Vow ASA is a Norwegian tech company with a passion for finding solutions that will put an end to pollution and waste. Vow ASA offers scalable and patented solutions to transform waste and biomass into CO2-neutral energy, and reusable carbon products to replace fossil fuels. If, by 2035, Vow ASA were to become the sole supplier of their solutions and could use all available biomass, they could reduce global CO2 emissions by up to 10%. This is equivalent to the annual electrical emissions of almost 700 million homes.


There are many other categories of solutions specialising in decarbonisation through energy recovery, waste to energy, and thermal treatment; the list is almost endless.


Other solutions in this subcategory include water treatment such as sand filtration, biological, chemical or physical purification processes, among others. What makes Vow ASA unique is that their solutions can run on green energy. They can also handle many types of materials, including biomass, plastics, sludge, and more.

Vow ASA has two subsidiaries, Scan ship being the sea-based solution group and Etia being the land-based solution group.

One of their solutions, Biogreen, is a patented pyrolysis solution where organic waste, plastics and biomass gets heated up in an oxygen-free process, causing the material to decompose and turn into a mix of flammable gas and charcoal.Vow ASA’s patented construction lets them control the exact temperatures and process speed to achieve the highest qualities on the end products.

The benefits of the Biogreen solution is that it’s a precise, modular, and scalable process that can run 24/7, and that it’s electrically heated - resulting in sustainably produced energy.

Vow ASA’s main hurdles are that not all markets have a demand for heat from green energy, nor is there an established market for bio coal as a soil improvement.

The main markets for Vow ASA are to turn waste into biogenetic fuels, converting plastic waste into fuel, agriculture, maritime, pollution prevention, conversion of power to heat, and waste management.


Founded in: 2011
Founded by: The entire management of Vow Asa
CEO: Henrik Badin
Headquarters: Oslo,Norway
Employees 2020/2021: 125/150
Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange Revenue 2020: 450 MNOK

Visit the website of Vow Asa at:

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