The silent power boat

Swedish marintech company X Shore is a developer of electric boats. The company’s goal is to disrupt the pleasurecraft industry with zero-emissions, zero-pollution powerboats.


Most pleasure-cruising vessels today still have combustion engines. X Shore’s electric boats offer an alternative that combines the power of a combustion engine with quiet, fossil-free performance.


Electric boats have long been an option- if you want to go slow. Duffy Boats, for example, have been produced since the1970s. Retrofits are another solution, available in both hybrid and electric, like those sold by Oceanvolt and Torqueedo. But as the world begins moving away from gasoline and diesel engines, the race is on to build fully electric powerboats like X Shore’s. What sets X Shore apart is their industry-leading range of 100 nautical miles after fewer than two and a half hours of charging.

X Shore’s Eelex 8000 is an all-electric boat for the entire family, offering 100+nautical miles from one charge, a top speed of 35 knots, and a cruising speed of 25 knots. Built with Flax fabrics, recycled PET, and dressed up in cork, the boat is sustainable in every aspect.

The boat also comes with the X Shore app, a Garmin MARQ watch, and software that aligns with real-time in-formation regarding the boat’s health, security, and status.

The option to place a custom order en-ables customers to create their own unique Eelex, with a full range of different additions to both the exterior and interior.

Global competitors include Zin Boats,Vision Marine Technologies and Ingenity.


Founded in: 1996,
Idea: 2012
Prototype: 2016
Launch: 2018
Founded by: Konrad Bergström
CEO: Jenny Keishu
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Employees 2020/2021: 3/38 (LI)
Privately Owned and Investors Revenue 2019: 122.000 SEK

Visit the website of X Shore at:

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