Zero Emission Gas (ZEG) Power AS is a Norwegian company that delivers solutions for clean hydrogen production from gas, through its novel ZEG ICCTM Technology with integrated carbon capture.


There are many signs that the hydrogen revolution is here, and the impact could be massive - especially once an affordable process reaches scale. That’s when it will legitimately be able to compete against fossil fuels and biofuels.


While research is ongoing into alternative ways of producing hydrogen, the two most common methods are steam-methane reforming and electrolysis (split-ting water with electricity).

ZEG’s patented ICCTM Technology belongs to the former. Their plants produce clean hydrogen from hydrocarbon gases while also automatically capturing CO2, for an entirely emissions free production process.

What makes ZEG unique is its patented ZEG ICCTM Technology. Their technology is structured on a module-based plat-form, consisting of a reactor and a fuel cell. This makes it possible for the technology to be used both on a large and small scale, and it can run on both fossil fuel and bio-based fuel. ZEG also offers the BioZEG concept, which is energy production that transforms gasified bio-mass into electricity.

Furthermore, operators can configure hybrid plants, where they can also produce electricity, and adjust output of either electricity or hydrogen, depending on market demand.

On March 8, 2021, Norwegian ZEG Power started a collaboration with Norwegian Bellona to work together to solve climate problems, by making sure that Norway can go global with emissions-free solutions.

As of now, a collaboration with CCB Energy Park at Kollsnes, Vestland, Norway is underway, where ZEG is building its first commercial hydrogen plant.


Founded in: 2008
Founded by: The Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and Christian Michaelsen Research as CMR
CEO: Arild Selvig
Headquarters: Fornebu, Norway
Employees 2020/2021: 16
Privately Owned and Investors Revenue 2019: 398 000 NOK

Visit the website of ZEG at:

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