Sustainability game changers - Nordic top 50

A lot of companies have proven innovations, but this is no guarantee that they will get their innovation to the market and successfully commercialise it. The path to commercialisation - even when well-funded, well-intentioned and filled with smart people - can take years. (Tesla was founded five years before the launch of the Roadster, and it took another 11 years before the company turned a profit.)

At Megadeals Advisory we have created the “Sustainability Game Changers – Nordic Top 50”- report.

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With the Sustainability report, we want to recognise companies that not only have a great innovation or solution that has a significant impact on lowering CO2 emissions, but also have put in place measures to scale and commercialise.

The companies in the report have been thoroughly researched by the Megadeals team through interviews with highly ranked profiles within the organisations.

The key principle is that only when the great sustainability innovations scale and commercialise they can create a deep impact and the world a better place.

Why is this important? We simply don't have time to wait.