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Industrialise your sales and marketing

The Factory enables companies to industrialise their customer facing activities (sales, marketing, customer success, product etc) towards enterprise and Megadeals. The Megadeals Factory industrialises pivotal parts of your customer facing organisation. This scales your rainmakers and the team around the deals which enables your to orchestrate significantly larger number of deals simultaneously with higher win rates, shorter sales cycles, lower risk of failure and with less cost.

hire more people in sales?
Large deals are often dependent on a handful of rainmakers. Driving growth through adding more sales people is a bumpy road, according to the statistics.
The number one in red
Usually costs 3 months salary to recruit.
The number two in red
3 months quitting period if not performing.
The number three as white symbol with red circle behind
9-8 months until fully productive.
The number four in white, with red circle as background
Over 50% chance of failure.
Doing it yourself
”At Climeon we needed 5 full time staff + an external agency. Megadeals deliver it at economies of scale and with the team behind the discipline. It took us 2 years at Climeon to deliver what we at Megadeals deliver the first 6 months. Megadeals have invented it and is doing it as core business, but still think it's difficult."

"Designing, building and executing the Megadeals discipline without Megadeals is very likely going to cost a few times more. Profiles are very hard to find in the open market. Just ONE seasoned CMO in the US is costing what Megadeals charges for the Megadeals factory.”

Christopher Engman - Author of the Megadeals Book.

Building the factory

With the Factory, we'll work on:
1. Positioning in the vertical, targeting the right clients, and focus on messaging.
2. How to develop content based on the Megadeals messaging architecture.
3. Martech, matching the steps in the buying cycle as well as stakeholders.
4. The training, to make sure that you’re ready.

Throughout the factory, we will organise bi-weekly meetings where we calibrate the factory with your organisation, and with KPI’s in mind. We’ll switch content, add stakeholders to the equation, all of this to maximise deal-sizes, win rates, and minimise the sales cycle.
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Targeting, positioning
and Messaging

We identify which segments/vertical/industry, accounts and buying centers (including functional buyers, economical buyers, influencers) to focus on.

We go through; how to position your business in the vertical, to reach a bigger audience, and potential clients. Successful Positioning is the combination of a target audience where: 
1. Your matching key initiatives are frequent
2. Your category and subcategory are winning.

We will make sure that everything is aligned with your company’s messaging.

Developing content

Based on the Megadeals Messaging Architecture, with ready made formats; we’ll produce videos and articles.

With an incredible media team consisting of award-winning video producers with many years of experience, we’ll guarantee that your content will be extraordinary.

When the content has been developed, the Megadeals team makes sure that your target audience sees your products and/or services wherever they go - whether it’s reading newspapers online, watching videos, browsing articles, or even going outdoors.

Picture dsplaying one of Megadeals Advisory's video producers filming the Megadeals team.

Martech and media

Matching the steps in the buying circle and the stakeholders, we’ll produce videos in the following order:

Teaser videos: 30 seconds each, based on your business’ change drivers.

Pitch videos: 3 minutes each, based on your business’ fundamental messaging.

Explainer videos: 15 minutes each, i.e. “First meeting with the customer” where you’ll be answering questions that the customer may have in this phase.

Picture showing person looking at screens, to symbolise becoming more media
Training ground sessions - TGS

Target Audience: Sales, Marketing & Leadership

The training ground sessions usually start the third month of the Megadeals Factory. These training ground sessions are packeted as monthly 1-2 hour sessions where we give hands on coaching to delegates by giving tasks to complete which are suited for on-the-job-application. The activities are aligned to your monthly KPI's.

The training ground sessions are resulting in sales transitioning to working more hybrid and media. Marketing will learn how to operate the factory on their own, and the leadership will be able to lead the orchestration and drive the KPI's-

Factory output

In 6-24 months you will have an up and running marketing & sales factory based on the Megadeals discipline!

The vital parts of your machinery and factory will never sleep, it will operate 24/7 & 365 days of the year!

The Megadeals discipline, guides and steers your team members into the most vital and pivotal tasks. By investing in an industrialised approach you will also free up time that allows your team members to spend the majority of their time in their various exponential zones.

Voice and results from the customer

We have been running the Factory for plenty of clients, with amazing results. Barium and Minna Technology are two of our clients. Both have deployed the Megadeals Factory, and were happy to share their experiences of the factory.

The voice of Barium
Barium is a factory client, and a leading Swedish platform for the modern ways of working.

Here Dana Markovic, COO shares her experiences of deploying the megadeals factory

"Megadeals don't just make our journey fun and engaging, but are just pivotal for our future growth. The discipline is amazing once in place. we have changed our behaviors, KPI's tools and content."

"Doing this without megadeals? I think not."
The voice of Minna tech
Minna Technologies is a Swedish FinTech scale-up, and previous factory client that has surpassed 5X growth in the last 2 years.

Christoffer Pettersson, Head of Growth at Minna Technologies shares his take on the collaboration

"Before implementing the Megadeals Discipline we were dependent on 1 or 2 rainmakers to sign the deals, making it more difficult to scale. Adapting the Megadeals discipline has made our deals able to cross the finish line."
Image of the megadeals team.
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