3 #MEGA challenges

At megadeals, we observe 3 #MEGA challenges many sustainability scale-ups face when introducing a new disruptive offering targeting the megadeals space.

⛔️ Rainmaker dependency
⛔️ Getting the pragmatic buyers to buy.
⛔️ Risk of buying from an unknown brand

When selling into #megadeals the following applies,
1️. Cross hierarchical deal anchoring (Board, C-level, etc).
2️. Cross-functional deal anchoring (IT, tech, finance, operations, etc) across multiple countries.
3️. With a relatively complex offering of hardware and software.
4️. Entering into a relatively complex environment on the client's side with a mix of process and technical infrastructure.

When selling into this complexity, the logic shifts from selling to #orchestrating. The organisations’ dependency on a handful of #rainmakers makes it hard to scale fast.

To add to this complexity, many green tech scale-ups are introducing a disruptive new offering to the market. First, there is a need to educate the market and drive awareness at scale. Secondly, you are confronted with the "pragmatic buyer". They tend to like the idea of the new technology; however, don’t want to be the first to buy it. They prefer to see a more proven offering, and ideally, other buyers in their or a similar industry have bought first. They don’t either want to be last. So once others in the industry buy, they will also hop on. Educating the market at scale and getting the pragmatic buyers to buy is a second mega-challenge,

Add the third mega challenge to the two above - you are a small and unknown player. #RISK alarm bells are going off in the pragmatic buyers' head. ”Do we dare to buy a new technology from an unknown player that may not even be around in a few years?” I am sure you have heard this one all too often.

These three mega challenges make it incredibly hard to scale and scale fast. We observe companies trying to do this with “people” alone. Adding either "leads-centric" marketing towards megadeals or a light touch marketing approach.

Even when you have top megadealers fully suited up with #Ironman suit (full "Deal-Centric" marketing power) it’s tough. Anything less has a high probability of failure.

// Bora Brännström