48 hour film project

A few weeks ago Vladimir Hartvig & Freidon Mobaraki asked me if I wanted to be part of a 48 hour film project for an international competition. We had 48 hours to make a short video, without knowing the genre until those hours started ticking. Then it was just full focus.

The whole crew and all talents were of course amazing. But as of today, I still don't get how Vladde and Freidon convinced everyone to jump on this project. Don’t get me wrong here, but

•The promise: You’re gonna be the producer (with the small detail that you can’t prepare anything). We're gonna work a lot, and we don't know anything yet in terms of script, time or location.

•The truth: Working day and night for 48 hours during the weekend, filming outdoors losing all sensation, no access to toilet, shooting in an elevator for 8 hours with seven people, publically arguing with people trying to disturb the recording, 6 hour of sleep in two days and being stressed as hell.

But still, there is no doubt this has been the best production I've ever been part of. Thank you Vladde & FreyFrey for giving me this experience!

Learning: When you work with people who have passion for what they’re doing, everything suddenly becomes very easy.

// Melissa Mühlrad