Are you documenting your weekly learnings?

Are you documenting your weekly learnings?

Every Monday morning we start our Monday meeting to go around the table and share reflections and learnings from the previous week. We know that a lot of learning happens through reflection on the things we do so this is an amazing way of kickstarting the week. It helps us to grow as a company but also as a group and individuals.

According to myself, I'm pretty good at remembering and keeping things in my head, but when the turn came to me this time, it was blank. Every Sunday evening, I go through the week that has passed where I, among other things, reflect on which learnings I have picked up during the week. For this specific week I had two learnings that I knew I wanted to share with the rest of the group, but do you think I remembered them?

Every week there are so many learnings that should be taken into account and storaged but that easily disappears and forgets in the buzz. So much knowledge and insights can therefore easily be lost.

My learning at this week's Monday meeting was therefore to WRITE DOWN MY LEARNINGS. How do you do? Do you document your progress and your new insights or do you try to keep everything in your head as I do/did? Would love to get inspired with new tricks and hacks.