At Megadeals we work with companies having four complexities in their dealmaking

At Megadeals we work with companies having four complexities in their dealmaking:

- Cross-hierarchical anchoring
- Cross-functional anchoring
- With a complex offering
- Being surrounded by many processes and adjacent technologies on the customer side

These four complexities lead to a very heavy #rainmaker dependency. When more salespeople are added the rainmakers' calendars quickly fill up since the rainmakers (company bottlenecks/key people) are needed in all important sales processes.

Often the rainmakers work longer and longer hours, and when the company grows, they work close to nonstop.

We help companies scale despite this rainmaker dependency.


How do you solve the Rainmaker dependency?


When you heavily depend on a small number of people, rainmakers, as we call them, your go-to-market strategy needs to be different. Growing with more and more salespeople is not the solution.

At Megadeals, we have found ways to solve the rainmaker dependency and enable them to run 5-10 times more deals in parallel by:
1. Taking away all unnecessary tasks from the rainmakers and find a way to say offload, automate and delegate.

2. Scaling your rainmakers through videos and marketing coverage not just to generate leads but to take away time and drive consensus during the sales cycle.

3. Teaching the organisation the team play around large deals.

4. Learning the required Megadealer individual skills.

We work primarily with sustainability scaleups in Asia, Europe and North America. We also work with some of the largest companies on their largest deals, an internationalisation or on a top priority segment.


But still, how do you do it?


We have as a base a positioning and messaging model for how large companies make decisions where the top management and board look at "are we doing the right things?" They look at goals, key initiatives, financing, M&A and directional decisions. Further down in the organisations, they look at "are we doing things right?".

Based on the messaging made for large buyers or ecosystems, we create videos and ads to scale better. We also run account intelligence, coordinate the teamplay around the deals and optimise marketing deal by deal.

We also train the teams and the individuals.


So how do companies buy from you?


We always start by four half-day workshops where we merge the Megadeals model with the customer so it fits them.

...Quite often, they also want us involved a lot or a little in the execution behind the scenes after the design phase.

The book is found here

// Christopher Engman