A common way to increase social media reach is to hook onto trends such as songs, transitions, or hashtags. But the question is – will that help you reach the right people or just more people?

As an example, the most common hashtags right now on Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, and Youtube are #love, #FYP, #covid19, and #nurseryrhymes. Totally different in content and audience, and so unspecific your post will probably drown.

Simply put: if you use the wrong hashtag, it’s like posting a letter with the wrong address on it. The hashtags matter ONLY if they can help the algorithm show your content to the relevant audience.

There are two ways to find the appropriate hashtags for your post:

1️. A shortcut
Do a quick search on online platforms like #Inflact, #Allhashtags, #Hashtagstacks, or similar. By using relevant search terms, you can find numerous hashtags grouped by topic.

2️. The long way
Manually researching relevant hashtags by browsing relevant content.
✅ Look for hashtags used in content in your field
✅ Find out which hashtags your competitors are using
✅ Create unique hashtags related to your brand or campaign
✅ As a bonus, sprinkle in some of the trending hashtags in your field (note that last part!)

Hmm, what hashtag should I put below this post?
#hashtag of course ;-)

//Danjiela Hagblom