Ecorus is an awesome company that helps retailers transition to #greenenergy

Ecorus is an awesome company that helps retailers transition to #greenenergy!

It is clear that the world is nowhere near reaching the net-zero emissions target by 2050 set in the Paris agreement nor the 55% reduction by 2030 ☘️. To address this colossal challenge governmental bodies are now imposing regulations that will force companies to change. In the EU we are already seeing concrete regulations being hit as early as 1 January 2023. This will put even more pressure on companies to meet regulatory demands on lowering emissions ♻️ and speed up the transition to fossil-free energy. The consequences of not complying will risk of missing out on investments and seeing their company valuation fall.

Many large multi-site (multiple locations), multi-country retailers across Europe have begun this transition by installing #solar panels on their rooftops, on land nearby, and on carports. In the early days of the transition to solar, retailers turned to a mix of different ”Solar Installaters” in different countries. The deployment of using multiple solar Installaters (with no or limited industry specialisation) causes an operational nightmare related to the deployment and lifecycle management when scaling across many stores and countries.

So now there is fast growth in the next generation, called Solar Deployment and Lifecycle Management (SDLM) for retailers. The advantages of SDLM for retailers are one partner that manages the deployment and the full end-to-end lifecycle management from the design phase, installation quality checks, going live, service and maintenance, etc. A smooth and industrialised process.

Ecorus is a leader in Solar Deployment and Lifecycle Management for retailers with a full engagement model for multi-country retailers.

An awesome company and team!  Philippe Vanhoef, Gilbert James Weber MBA, Bauke Bakker, Kevin Kolenbrander, Raphael J. and the rest of the team.

// Bora Brännström