Humans have an attention span of a goldfish 🐡

Humans have an attention span of a goldfish 🐡

It is likely that you heard the following statement, which was made after extensive research done by Microsoft in 2015.
A more recent study shows a decrease from 8 to 2 seconds 😳

All of this means that you will need to be very creative to hook your audience with your video in the first few seconds.

Here are some tips on how you can create this effect at the beginning of your videos:

🌟 Create a HOW TO statement that addresses a question your audience cares about.
🌟 Provide a PRECISE NUMBER for the statement.
🌟 Say it QUICKLY. From the very beginning, your video should be clear about what it is about.

Watch the video here to learn more!
Let me know if you made it through after the first 8 sec 🥳

// Danijela Hagblom