Is Elon Musk good at public speaking❓❓❓

Is Elon Musk good at public speaking❓❓❓
I recently received this question during my video confidence training.

I replied "NO" without hesitation, recalling Mr Musk's TED talk published days after the Twitter acquisition.

During the interview, Elon barely looked at the interviewer or the audience. His body language was minimal and his face lacked mimicry. He used a lot of filler words and his voice lacked intonation. He didn't seem engaged with the audience.

In an effort to understand how the world's richest and one of the most powerful people could be so poor at public speaking, he explained that he had Asperger's syndrome in childhood.
That must be why I thought so 💁‍♀️
However, public speaking is a skill that can be mastered. Especially if you get plenty of practice. As he proudly emphasizes, he is the only person with Asperger's to have hosted the "Saturday Night Live" show and talked a lot on stage.

The fact that someone with such poor communication skills could still be so engaging to listen to baffled me. Regardless of whether it is a post, tweet, interview, or speech, Elon Musk's content keeps us hooked. Let me repeat: THE CONTENT❗️
His presentation lacks the sparkle of a virtuous speaker but offers important insights. Information that is not well articulated but is well researched by hard work and dedication.

People consider his "style" authentic. It is like a "Cinderella story" of modern times. A shy boy, who lacked social skills and became one of Earth's most powerful people.
The impression I get is that he is too preoccupied with what he will say to think about how he will present it.
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//Danjiela Hagblom