Is the "Hollywood effect" possible in business?

Is the "Hollywood effect" possible in business?

The "Hollywood effect" occurs when someone becomes a celebrity due to a large amount of media exposure. In addition to gaining privileged glamour status, these celebrities become people we believe we know, even though we have never actually met them.

Probably you've heard stories about people greeting a publicly exposed person on the street thinking they know each other.

Hollywood Effect can also be achieved in business by using different targeting methods and showing your content to important decision-makers.
Taking advantage of this effect makes getting in touch with a new client easier and more efficient.
People are more likely to talk with someone whose face they have already seen. Psychology plays a major role here.

Still, this method is only a door opener. What happens after you close the door is another matter. It's like marketing. An ad may convince you to buy particular chocolate, but if it's not tasty you won't keep buying it.

The video below is part of our (Christopher Engman and myself) Megadeals Advisory presentation at Michel Laporte Godorn’s ‘Stories of Gothenburg’ event.

// Danijela Hagblom