"Learning fast is more important than short term prestige"

"Learning fast is more important than short term prestige" is my only own quote.

Before I was 32 I put prestige too often as the top priority. It led to a few bad decisions that created big losses and pain. It is nothing wrong to have prestige as one of the driving forces. My advice though is to put a few others above...

Learning fast (incl fail fast, dare to ask "stupid questions", be clear on where you are awesome and less awesome etc)

Integrity (keeping promises, not letting someone else take the blame for something you did, not gossiping, doing the right even at times when you suffer a short term loss, being frank when giving advice etc)

Prestige can be up here in the top...but in any given situation if you need to choose between the three above put prestige last.

The cool thing is...that long term...prestige lands at your feet if you prioritise the other two higher. At least in my experience.

// Christopher Engman