Orchestration vs sales

Stephen: Hi Laura. I just wanted to follow up on the proposal we went through.

Laura: Yes! Hi Stephen!

Stephen: Are you clear on all details and does the whole thing we have discussed together feel good for you?

Laura: Yes! I am on!

Stephen: (Celebrating silently)

Laura: ....I just need to anchor this quickly with my boss who will brief the leadership team and then we can start. Btw there might be a need for a few meetings as well with 2 other functional heads plus the CFO office had a few questions. The CTO and a few in that team wanted to check a few process and integration issues as well.

Stephen: (Pew....this is not even close). Ok, I see....(silent)....well...hmmm...how do we take it from here?


Can you relate to the scenario above?

When you have the 4 dimensions below in your deal making you likely have both a rainmaker dependency and a deal orchestration logic rather than classic sales and marketing:

1. The deals need to be anchored cross hierarchy (due to strategic importance, sign off levels, IRR-demands or impact across a few functional areas)

2. The deals need to be anchored cross functionally

3. Your offering is entering a mix of processes and adjacent technologies on the customer side

4. Your offering is complex with parts like different tech, professional services, service, sometimes even financing and sometimes third party pieces

This is where #Megadeals has a fit both as an orchestration methodology and as strategy + execution team. Now clients from Malaysia, India, several European countries, USA etc.

// Christopher Engman