Remote Video Production

What do CEOs, CROs and CMOs get from my team and I:

1) Positioning and messaging architecture for helping busy buyers in big orgs map and understand their own decisions-making process (Christopher Engman's key innovation)
2) New ways to address a common bottleneck in top-line growth..."The Rainmaker Dependency"
3) Scaling rainmakers via digital vs hiring/training reps
4) Sourcing and winning more large, complex and high-profit B2B deals in ways that "ABM" and traditional marketing have not considered
5) Process design and continuous coaching to get marketing and sales working as #oneteam

Winning executives and Rainmakers understand they must "Become More Media" as part of the Digital Transition.

Meet Danijela Hagblom your executive video coach and see how Christopher Engman aligns your message architecture into video assets that cost-effectively scales your rainmakers and effectively aid your buyers in their decision-making process to engage with you.

See in the video how our team Megadeals Advisory is pioneering high-quality and cost-effective systems for producing video from anywhere on Earth.

// Neil Passero