đź’˘ Strategy made practical

đź’˘ Strategy made practical

Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a desired outcome.

To make it more practical - Strategy is about making choices (an act of choosing between two or more possibilities)

All good strategy models are based on choices:

1. Category and subcategory choices (Megadeals positioning framework)
2. New product - New Market (Ansoff Matrix)
3. Low cost, Differentiated or Focus (Porter’s generic strategies)

The “generic models” above are just examples. Each company should
identify their on strategic choices.

A lack of strategies (clarity) influence the whole organisation and everything becomes reactive. Nothing is unimportant and everything is urgent.

#scaleups that lack clear strategies end up competing in red oceans.

A key offering of our strategy practice is to help scale-ups identify critical strategic choices

// Jonas Lind