Sustainability Game Changers - Nordic Top 50

After months of hard work and an extensive amount of hours researching, interviewing, and writing, our incredible colleagues, team members, and project partners can proudly present to you the "Sustainability Game Changers – Nordic Top 50″ report by Megadeals Advisory in partnership with We Don’t Have Time.

Whether you’re interested in looking at the incredible innovations that exist, the environmental impact those companies are contributing with, or if you’re curious about potential investments, this report is something you’ll want to check out.

First, we want to thank all the incredible people that have been a part of this, everyone at Megadeals Advisory, at We Don’t Have Time, and of course, all the fantastic innovators, their innovations, and the people that make it possible for those innovations to help save our planet.

It’s time to recreate the evolutionary Tesla “domino-effect” where Tesla picked up the torch and led the way for the EV industry, forcing every other car manufacturer to adapt as well.

It’s time to scale these innovations commercially so that they can perform at their total capacity, make the world a better place for ourselves and the generations to come.

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