Sustainability Game Changers - Nordic Top 50 - Altered

Swedish tech company Altered reduces water consumption by developing and producing special water-saving nozzles for both showers and faucets.
If Altered were to install their nozzles in every household faucet and shower on the planet, they would reduce global CO2 emissions by nearly 1% annually, which is the equivalent of CO2 emissions from over 48 million homes.

According to WWF, water shortage will affect 75% of the global population by 2025. And by 2030, the UN think-tank on water, UN-INWEH, has concluded that we will face a 40% water gap between demand and availability. We need to stop wasting large amounts of water now.

This is where Altered comes in:

Altered stands out from the crowd, because instead of restricting the flow, their technology modifies the water and decreases its particle size, making it faster with a higher force. This water distribution technique separates the water into smaller clusters, providing the same coverage while saving 85-98% on water.

Altered focuses on creating affordable products that anyone can use while still prioritising design and sustainability. They also stick to the same standards as conventional nozzles, in terms of functionality and dimensions.

Being fortunate to live in a Sweden, where we have clean and fresh drinking water pouring out of the tap, most people can afford to spend the cost of €39 EUR buying at least one of these amazing innovations.

If you read this it means that you also are fortunate enough to make that investment for the future.

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