Sustainability Game Changers - Nordic Top 50 - Enjay Systems

Imagine if there was an innovation that could extract energy from exhaust air in the restaurant industry as well as heavy-duty industries such as for cruise ships and laundries, and then reuse that energy for heating or cooling purposes.

Enjay System’s Lepido is a heat exchanger that captures energy from exhaust air, which can then be reused, e.g., for heating or cooling purposes, reducing energy costs and consumption.

It can also reduce up to 34 tons CO2 annually per unit, equivalent to 4 homes’ annual energy consumption.

Because of the challenges involved in filtering out grease and soot from exhaust air in these industries, Enjay Systems has no real competitors. Their patented technology, Lepido is built to withstand grease without the use of filtering techniques, and it is enabled by two patented parts that make it unique.

Now, imagine that once Lepido goes global, Enjay Systems environmental impact could reach 500 megatons CO2 per year, equivalent to the annual electricity use of almost 91 million homes.

Due to an established rumor on the market that it is impossible to recover the energy from restaurants, it’s difficult for Enjay Systems to shift people’s opinions.

However, it’s in fact possible, and everyone should go check them out at– You’ll save money and contribute to a better climate, while still getting everything that you have today.

For more details; see our video, created for Enjay System's Lepido: