The #1 mistake people make is to think that ABM is a lead generation idea

“The #1 mistake people make is to think that ABM is a lead generation idea”

In the Megadeals discipline, we have talked to many B2B marketers. When we ask about the goals of their marketing efforts, many of them say things like awareness, leads, clicks, google rankings, number of downloads, open rate of emails, etc.

But most of these goals are related to lead generation. Driving business in a megadeal is less about driving lead generation and more about influencing the masses (the ecosystem) in the right direction.

Here are the 5️ main reasons to use ABM when pursuing a megadeal:
1. ABM can position your company as a key part of the solution in order to succeed with one or several key initiatives
2. It can also position your company as the given choice in the ecosystem, and the market leader/best choice when it comes to solving their key initiative
3. ABM can help you drive consensus around the messaging
4. It enables you to scale up lead generation within one account. This includes finding Trojan horses
5. It also reduces the perceived risk of your category, subcategory, and company as a vendor

We also often hear "Yeah I do that already...".
But if you do it, please also see if you can check these boxes:

☐If you do it, do you do it consistently?
☐If you're doing it consistently, have you mastered it?
☐If you've mastered it, do your results show that you've mastered it?
☐If YOU have mastered it, have your TEAM mastered it?

// Melissa Mühlrad