The best way to fail is by assuming you have all the answers!

The best way to fail is by assuming you have all the answers!

I learned that the best way to fail is by assuming I’ve figured it all out.

I don’t say that we at Megadeals Advisory got it all figured out; instead, I would like to share a few key insights that you should do if you want to FAIL to sign #megadeals:

1. Go all in and invest 100% of your budget in hiring more salespeople.

2. Don’t balance your budget between marketing and sales.

3. Continue doing old-school marketing by using a mix of trade shows, events, occasional email shots, webinars, cold calls and occasional white papers.

4. Don’t use your marketing recourses to help you acquire, expand and resign customers. Let marketing hunt for more leads that you leave unaddressed.

5. Spend big money on Google search to attract a random selection of accounts in various industries, lead them to your website and make them fill in a form or sign up for a demo.

6. Don’t let marketing be involved in the actual sales process. Instead, work in silos and let marketing focus on leads only.

7. Do not sync your targeting, positioning and messaging between sales, marketing, customer success and product through the entire sales process and the deal signing phase to drive cross- and up-sales initiatives.

8. Don’t believe in this “Digital Touch Point” mumbo jumbo. Rely on your roller deck with business cards from your previous role and company.

9. Orchestrate and manage everything yourself, don’t take any advice from external professionals. Run all marketing and sales activities independently and keep all training in-house.

10. Let everyone run on whatever opportunities they believe are valuable. Don’t limit your salespeople by setting up selection criteria, and by all means; let them make up their own messaging.

11. Base your messaging only on the customers' pains and the benefits and features of your product to attract stakeholders further down in the organisation. Do not educate your audience on the different alternatives of categories and subcategories of solutions.

12. Buy from a scattered group of vendors and teams without a common discipline or messaging foundation.

Finally and most important: don’t take any calculated risks at this point. Make sure to bury yourself under a stone until the recession passes away.

In summary, stay low and be passive. This is not a good time for short-term sacrifices of discomfort for long-term achievements.

Written with love 🥰 and humour 🤗on a Friday morning. ☕️

// David Klättborg