The Rainmaker Lackmus Test

The Rainmaker Lackmus Test:
If you CAN hire any b2b salesperson, train and onboard them in 6-9 months, and they become almost as good as your most successful sales professional, you do not have a rainmaker dependency.

We've realized that companies doing large and complex B2B deals depend highly on one or just a handful of people who can orchestrate them well. Among the Megadealers of the world, this phenomenon is known as: The Rainmaker Dependency!

I used to struggle with having more large deals to sign than I had rainmakers (heading up the Nordics for a Fortune 500 company). In addition, I realized I couldn't just hire additional salespeople since these Megadeals were too complicated to orchestrate.

If only I knew what I know today about scaling rainmakers and working as #oneteam (sales, marketing, technology, RND and delivery, etcetera), I would have saved several years and millions of dollars.

I wish I knew...
I wish I knew how to scale my rainmakers so they could run and orchestrate 5-10 times more deals simultaneously.

// David Klättborg