“This is a MUST WIN CLIENT, and you better start treating it accordingly.”

I had a great experience in one of the Land and Expand sessions with a client this past week.

The CEO, who I genuinely admire, gave all of us on the call a great example of leadership by sharing some “tough love”, setting the record straight. She demonstrated when and how to draw ✍️ a line in the sand. The message was directed to all of us on the call, which started to deviate from the agreed-upon goal:

“This is a MUST WIN CLIENT, and you better start treating it accordingly.”

Setting a goal is easy. Working towards it step by step, every day, performing your most vital activities and actions is much more challenging.

Setting boundaries is easy. Upholding them is the hard part.

When I am out of control, I have to remind myself of the following:

If I tolerate being tired, stressed and demotivated - I will for sure stay that way. Fast forward six months, and I will be even more so.

If you, for example, tolerate disrespect in your life, in your home or on your team, you will for sure get it with interest over time.

When I am about to lose control over my life and how other people treat me, I’ll better stop 🛑 and take it back. Don’t blame or tolerate being a victim of other people's behaviours or external circumstances. Instead, I think about the people I admire:

1. They all have clear boundary lines, and they constantly uphold them.

2. They know where they stand and where they want to go.

3. They know their standard and take deliberate actions accordingly.

4. They have clear “non-negotiable set of rules” and stay true to their values.

I love working with individuals, teams and clients who respect each other, where there is empathy, where people listen to each other and where the expectations are crystal clear.

“You get in life what you tolerate.”

//David Klättborg