Why are rainmakers seen like heroes?😇

Why are rainmakers seen like heroes?😇

It's not just in law firms we see rainmakers. They are in all kind of industries and organisations. And they are absolutely crucial to a company's survival.

When a company is playing in a large and complex deal space, 1-2 % percent of their customer base typically represent 80% or more of their revenue. These decisive deals are brought in by these few rainmakers. It’s like the tail walks the dog. 🐶

We call this <rainmaker dependency>.

So how can your company scale and maximise growth? 🚀
- "Adding more salespeople that can sign more deals👥” is the most common answer we get. But if you have a football team with one Zlatan, and you want to win more games, you wouldn't just try to get more players in your team and make Zlatan train them. You would rather make sure that Zlatan can be playing in the box to score more goals. And in order for Zlatan to do that, all the other players need to do their job in their positions. So it’s all about teamwork.

Megadeals Advisory is all about that.
1️. To offload rainmakers
2️. Scaling the rainmarkers with videos/ads all the way down to closing the deals
3️. Teaching the team around the rainmakers on how to optimise the teamplay around the deals
4️. Training the next generation of rainmakers

//Melissa Mühlrad